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What is a spiritual healer you ask? A spiritual healer is a person who allows herself or himself to be used as a channel for the flow of healing light and energy. Spiritual healing is seen as a transcendental experience of reconnecting with our true nature. The path to success and happiness is never easy, especially when you are searching for your purpose in this life. Everyone, including myself, wants to know the answer to the BIG HEAVY question, how can I heal my soul?

Kara Muller, who is a dear friend of mine, has many talents and passions for this type of work. She is remarkably unique and she possesses distinct characteristics that aid in her healing abilities. She is highly empathetic, helping people is her purpose, she’s sensitive, she can read others to a tee and has lots of life experience to share and help others with their journey. Here is our Q & A, let’s do this!

Q. Kara, at what moment did you realize you wanted to become a spiritual healer? And is it solely to help others reach their full potential in life?

A. Wanting to become a spiritual healer has organically evolved over time. For me, there really wasn’t a specific moment, but rather a collection of moments that brought me to this perspective and understanding of how energy works and how we can use it to our advantage in life. My goal is to help people connect with themselves. Each person is going to connect in different ways so it’s important to discover who YOU are and WHAT gets you excited. Aligning to our highest self allows life to flow seamlessly.

Q. Please explain in detail (the best you can) about your Moon Circles groups you have hosted in the past, and when is the next? Because girl, I am dying to attend the next one!

A. As of now, I don’t have anything scheduled, but I will be sure to let you know when I do. The Moon Circles were hosted at a beautiful property in the gorgeous Santa Ynez Valley. I was lucky enough to call this place home for a little over a year. The energy of the land was sacred. It was perfect for this kind of work. A grove of trees to the right and stunning views of the hills and mountains surrounded this safe space. To best connect to the elements, the circle was held outdoors. Yoga blankets are laid on the ground decorated with crystals and candles. Cannabis use is optional. (Responsible use of plant medicine can be helpful in connecting with your higher self and higher realms.) The opening prayer clears the space and prepares us for guidance and grace to flow freely. Following the opening prayer, I lead a chakra visualization meditation. It’s the same meditation I do most mornings and I have found it to be very helpful for me in my own evolving journey. Once we are grounded and connected, I talk about the moon and how it’s currently affecting us both energetically and physically. Guests are provided with journals that are used for several writing exercises. A closing prayer concludes the circle. After that, we all eat and hang out and chat for hours! Usually, it’s a vegan and gluten-free potluck or if it’s a smaller group, I like to prepare the food. I just as much enjoy planning and prepping for the circles as much as leading them.

Q. Your crystal collection and knowledge is out of this world! Can crystals really heal?

And why are we drawn to certain crystals?

A. Aww, thank you! I feel there is still so much to learn and many more crystals to acquire. I like to think of crystals as a tool or a really good friend. They are honest, contain wisdom, and of course, want the best for you. I believe we are drawn to certain crystals just like we are drawn to certain people.

I believe that the vibration of each crystal is what connects to our vibration, helping to raise the frequency. From a holistic view, crystals don’t heal. They are one of the many tools people can pick up along their path when in need of assistance.

Q. Recently on your blog myselfdevotion.com I’ve noticed a lot more tarot card posts,

please explain the power of tarot cards and why it’s important to learn the history or better yet, have a reading?

A. Like crystals, the tarot is used as a tool. It allows you to inquire or question Spirit and receive an unbiased outcome. You take your ego out of the equation. I like to think of it as an open channel to my highest self and guides. Our spiritual selves know what is true yet our human selves (the ego) try to fight it. Another aspect that I love about the tarot is that even if you don’t know every detail of what each card means, the illustrations allow your intuition to guide the story that is unfolding before you.

Q. How important is daily journaling for growth? And how can it change one's life?

A. I can only speak for myself on this topic but I’m sure it resonates with many. Daily journaling is essential. It’s a way for me to get my ideas, thoughts, emotions, etc. out of my head. I’m super ADD so it’s imperative for me to get my thoughts on paper before the next wave crashes. In regards to changing one’s life, I feel that journaling is a way for me to connect with my highest self and my guides. I can freely express myself in a safe space without judgment. It allows me to let go of the insecurities I carry around with me when I’m out and about. I can simply be me and that’s the best thing I can continue to do for myself each day.

Q. What exactly does the term manifestation mean to you? And how can we use it to achieve the things we want in life?

A. Manifestation is a gateway to a new world. It presents itself in different and unexpected paths that lead and connect to amazing opportunities. All of these experiences have taught me very important lessons in life and as I continue to manifest, I am consistently faced with what is best for my growth, regardless of what it is. Manifesting is having a desire but letting that desire be released so what is best for you can have space to enter. It involves constant nurturing and an awareness of how each day is bringing you closer to your desires.

Q. What can people do to “raise their vibration” as you frequently say to get the most out of spiritual guidance and healing?

A. Staying connected and true to yourself. It’s so easy to become distracted in today’s world. It takes commitment to be your best self and the more you practice, you not only raise your own vibration but also the vibration of those around you.

Q. One last question Kara, how can our readers reach you for a private

reading or advice on manifestation techniques & soul healing?

A. For a private reading or other inquiries, please shoot me an email at karalinaluna@gmail.com. Readers can also go to myselfdevotion.com or Instagram @myselfdevotion to see past readings and writings.

For a FREE remote reading by lovely Kara follow her instagram account @myselfdevotion and message her! SHE is INCREDIBLE and

you won't be disappointed. She is truly gifted.


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